LakeCity Woodworkers began in 1972 as a drop-in centre for clients of mental health support services. These consumers identified work as an important means to re-establishing themselves in the community, and so the business was developed. Our Community Employment program was added in 1988 as an additional option, for those who were interested in finding employment in the larger community. We currently serve approximately 400 clients overall.

LakeCity Woodworkers remains a non-profit company, producing high quality, solid wood products. Approximately 50 people are involved in the production of the furniture and other products: with the training and guidance of a staff of professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers, clients are able to gain competitive working skills within a supportive environment.

LakeCity continues to develop programs in support of the needs of mental health consumers. For more information, please contact LakeCity Employment Services Association. You may also visit our employment counselling site at