Country Home Candles is a Canadian owned and operated company that was started in 1991. The candles are handcrafted by Country Home's own artisan candle makers, who have years of experience. For over 20 years, both the company's factory and distribution centre have been located in the heart of rural Norfolk County, Ontario.

The Art of Burning Candles

  • Never leave burning candles unattended or out of sight
  • Always place the candle on a safe, heat resistant surface while the candle is in use
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • If black smoke or soot is observed, extinguish the flame immediately. This is caused by letting the wick get too long, or the candle is located in a drafty area.
  • Burning times may vary depending on the fragrance, colour and climatic conditions.

Country Home Candle Co. Inc. only uses the finest 100% cotton wicking in all of its products. The 100% cotton wick is attached to a safety tab which stops the candle from burning to the bottom of the jar.

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Mason Jar Candle
$19.00each 10 ounce Mason jar with screw-on metal lid. 100% cotton wick attached to a safety..
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Votive Candle
$2.19 each 2 ounce votive candle, plastic wrapped to retain the scent before use. 100% cotto..
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